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Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to view any listing on the market. As agents, we can enter a home into the MLS, click a button, and watch it automatically appear on Zillow, Trulia, etc.Unfortunately, that can also make it harder for Buyers to distinguish one listing from another. After a certain point, they all tend to look the same. We wanted our listings to stand out from the crowd, so we decided to keep pushing. Want to learn more about how we can help you sell your home? Request a call and I’ll follow up with you to schedule an appointment.
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How Soldavi Advertises Your Property


Together with our Soldavi Professionals, we review your personalized game plan on marketing, improvements to complete, and house staging in preparation to sell your house for top dollar.


Images are what capture a potential buyer’s attention. We produce the best photographs that will make your house stand out. Our goal is to showcase all the great details of your home.


There is no better way to show off the virtues of your home than through video. The Soldavi team produces the best virtual tour videos to showcase to viewers the flow of the property so they can get a better feeling of the living spaces.


Through our aerial Soldavi footage, we accent the house by exhibiting exterior characteristics to further increase the interest of the buyer. Our goal is to offer our listings a higher scenic value with these effective bird’s eye photography to promote your home.


With a combination of print and internet exposure we at Soldavi integrate this into our market strategy for you. Our graphic designer will create professional postcards and posters that are bound to attract clients to your house.


Soldavi listings deserve their own corner of the internet so we create a designated page for your property featuring images and film that push the audience’s curiosity into visiting the property.


To increase foot traffic of your property, a professional video will be posted onto Youtube’s large platform to further enhance the viewership of your home.


Our boosted social media posts on Instagram and Facebook reach thousands of potential clients, which allows for maximum exposure of your property.


We host multiple open house events along with inviting brokers, neighbors, and the general public to showcase your property.


We produce local radio advertisements in both Spanish and English in order to get the voice out about your property


Our simple yet creative billboards are placed in high traffic area, capturing the gaze of the pedestrians and motorists.


Your digital advertising campaign is designed to reach customers where they spend the vast majority of their time… the internet. Our listing gets promoted to the right people, at the right time, to increase your properties exposure to active home buyers.

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Disclaimer: In today’s real estate market, selling and buying a home requires advanced knowledge of online as well as traditional marketing platforms. Just having a real estate license and listing a home on the MLS is not enough – you want an agent who has their ear to the ground when it comes to market trends, a deep understanding of the communities they serve, and the ability to think outside the box. As part of Soldavi Realty, our agents’ skills go far beyond closing deals. All rights reserved.
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