Make your home look classier with these tips

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Searching for ways to redecorate your home? Here are a few tips and tricks to make your home for sale in Los Banos, CA look like a million bucks: Update light fixtures Light fixtures play a huge role in creating a m [...]

Soldavi’s Seven Spring Cleaning Tips

image March 25, 2020 image Armando Diaz image 0 Comments

  Spring Cleaning is important, now more than ever. Deep cleaning now can help against the COVID-19 pandemic and allergies by cleaning up dust and germs around the home. Usually, people keep pushing spring cleani [...]

Take your adventurous self to Visalia: A day trip

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Visalia is known as the gateway to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. As such, it offers various venues for outdoor adventures all year round. If you’re thinking about venturing out of Merced for a day, Visali [...]

Should I buy a house? Factors to Consider

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Buying a home is a huge financial decision. That’s why you should take a good look at your present finances before investing in this endeavor. What to examine Debt-to-income ratioDefined as the percentage of you [...]

Merced County Real Estate Coronavirus Questions

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  All of Italy is in quarantine, production of products are being halted or postponed, events are being cancelled, airlines are taking a massive hit, and the stock market is crashing. Freelancers are in a position w [...]

Home buying mistakes per age group

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No one likes making mistakes, especially in the home buying process. Mistakes in this endeavor are costly and lengthen the process even more. But alas, each generation of home buyers has their respective pitfalls, whether [...]

Coronavirus and Impact on Real Estate Market

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It’s up on any news channel you pull up. Coronavirus is taking over every media, TV News, radio, social media through source of articles,  memes, and typical conversation. Many throw around the word coronavirus either as a [...]

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