From renting to owning a home: Making the switch

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Switching from renting a home to owning one actually makes sense. It allows homeowners to build equity and have a property of their own without worrying about answering to a landlord. Of course, there are benefits and downs [...]

It’s Wise to Charge your Child Rent

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According to the US Census Bureau, ⅓ of Millennials (around the ages 18 and 34) are currently residing with their parents. The reason behind this could vary anywhere between looking for a good job offer, paying off student [...]

Investing in Bitcoin

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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows for transfer of funds from person to person, avoiding a central authority (bank or payment gateway). Unlike other forms of payment, bitcoin isn’t printed, b [...]

How to Purchase a Home with Student Debt

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Looking to buy a house, but have student debt? Fear not, Soldavi has some helpful tips! According to research done by Student Loan Hero, there are a total of 44.7 million Americans with student loan debt, accumulating a to [...]

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