Must-see attractions in the Merced area

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The wonderful thing about Merced is that attractions here are a combination of man-made areas and green spaces. Whether you’re up for seeing breathtaking displays of natural beauty or you prefer the atmosphere of cavern [...]

Great camping locations near Merced, California

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The city of Merced isn’t the Gateway to Yosemite for nothing. An approximately two-hour drive from here will get you to Yosemite National Park where you can revel in the splendor of the Great Outdoors. But ye olde Yosem [...]

Improve your credit score before buying a home

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One strong indicator of a home buyer’s capacity to afford property is their credit score and credit history. This factor has the power to make or break a deal in a real estate transaction. Sellers will most likely go fo [...]

Why you should move to Merced, CA

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If you’re looking for a place in California that pulses with so much energy and opportunity, look no further than the city of Merced. Its population and economy are both thriving, thanks to the University of California, [...]

Why UC Merced is University of the Year for 2018

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Education news website recently released its list of awardees for its annual Dive Awards. Winners here were chosen for their distinction as disruptors and innovators in the field of higher education. Ta [...]

From renting to owning a home: Making the switch

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Switching from renting a home to owning one actually makes sense. It allows homeowners to build equity and have a property of their own without worrying about answering to a landlord. Of course, there are benefits and downs [...]

It’s Wise to Charge your Child Rent

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According to the US Census Bureau, ⅓ of Millennials (around the ages 18 and 34) are currently residing with their parents. The reason behind this could vary anywhere between looking for a good job offer, paying off student [...]

Investing in Bitcoin

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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows for transfer of funds from person to person, avoiding a central authority (bank or payment gateway). Unlike other forms of payment, bitcoin isn’t printed, b [...]

How to Purchase a Home with Student Debt

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Looking to buy a house, but have student debt? Fear not, Soldavi has some helpful tips! According to research done by Student Loan Hero, there are a total of 44.7 million Americans with student loan debt, accumulating a to [...]

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