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Renovations that won’t do much for your home’s value

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Hoping to resell your home in the near future? Avoid these renovating don’ts to increase your chances of making a quick and profitable sale.

  1. Swimming pool and spa
  2. The costs of building and maintaining aquatic facilities are hard to recoup. Many buyers don’t want to deal with the upkeep of a private pool, while others see it as a safety hazard, particularly those who have small children. In fact, many buyers will ask you to tear out the pool or tub during negotiations.

    If you really must have a pool or hot tub installed, only do it if you really
    want them, and if you believe you’ll get a lot of use out of those amenities.

  3. Dated décor
  4. No matter how much you like popcorn ceilings, tile counters, and allwhite appliances, keep in mind that these décor ideas are hopelessly dated, and may not appeal to today’s younger buyers.

    The same goes for the latest design trends. These trends come and go real fast, meaning what’s hot today could be out of vogue in a year or two.

    To maintain your home’s resale value, stick with a neutral palette and timeless design ideas that put the emphasis on scale, proportion, and functionality.

    Your Realtor will give tips on how to keep your décor neutral and as appealing to as many people possible.

  5. Paint jobs
  6. Repainting the exterior and interior walls is possibly the most costeffective home improvement you can make, but it won’t yield a higher profit unless you do the painting yourself, which is tedious work.

    A fresh coat of paint can definitely make the property more sellable, but
    appraisers won’t place the value of your home higher just because of it.

  7. New roofing and HVAC system
  8. A home with a new HVAC system might get more interest from buyers, but very few of them will pay a premium for it. The same goes for a brand new roof.

    Keep in mind that replacing a roof near or past the average shelf life of 30 years is part of maintenance and upkeep. It is generally not considered an upgrade, and therefore won’t fetch a higher price for your home.

  9. Utility upgrades
  10. As with getting a new roof or HVAC system, paying thousands for copper plumbing and Romex electrical wiring is part considered maintenance, not home improvement, and are unlikely to command a higher price for your home.

    Making these upgrades isn’t bad, per se – some buyers might consider these features standard in today’s housing market, and without them, the marketability of your home might suffer. However, these changes alone won’t justify a higher asking price for your home.

  11. Solar panels
  12. Energy efficiency and green technology might be trendy, and certainly good for the environment, but installing solar panels are not known to increase the value of our home. Moreover, if you financed the purchase and installation yourself, you might be required to settle the remaining balance before closing a sale.

  13. Extensive landscaping
  14. Landscaping is a personal preference. Adding artificial waterfalls, koi ponds, and outdoor sculptures to your yard can be costly, but it won’t necessarily bring in more profit during a sale. It might even discourage avid gardeners who want to bring in their own plants.

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